Gallipoli Cognato Park

The Gallipoli Cognato Park can be found in the middle of Basilicata and includes the areas of Accettura, Calciano and Oliveto Lucano in the province of Matera, and Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa in the province of Potenza.
The Park covers a vast area of land that boasts significant naturalistic, historic and ethno- anthropological values, among which: the Gallipoli Cognato forest that extends over 4,200 hectares; the Montepiano Woodlands made up of magnificent examples of turkey oaks, Mediterranean scrub boasting clusters of holly oaks and sandstone rock, all of which help create this spectacular backdrop of the Lucanian Dolimites to the towns of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa; the ruins of the fortified town built on the peak of Mount Croccia during the 4th century BC.
  • Gallipoli Cognato Park
  • Gallipoli Cognato Park
  • Gallipoli Cognato Park
  • Gallipoli Cognato Park
  • Gallipoli Cognato Park
  • Gallipoli Cognato Park

Visiting the Park

Throughout the Gallipoli Cognato Park there are Visitor Centres ready to welcome, inform and show visitors the most important resources the territory has to offer. There are Visitor Centres in the towns of Palazzo, Pian di Gilio, Calciano, Oliveto Lucano and also the Arboreal Centre in Accettura.

Park itineraries

The Park has a number of pathways that will allow the most experienced hiker, and also the simplest of trekkers, to come into direct contact with unparalleled and uncontaminated natural surroundings.
The Gallipoli Cognato Park main office is located in Palazzo, in the district of Accettura, along the provincial road that connects the Campomaggiore sulla Basentana (S.S.407) slip road to Accettura. This is also the starting point for many visits and excursions as well as being the didactic centre and relax area of the Park.
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